5 Tips For Looking After Your Mental Health

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5 Tips For Looking After Your Mental Health

Male suicide is the biggest cause of death for men under the age of 45 in the UK. There are 3 million people in the UK who suffer from depression and 3 million who suffer from anxiety. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. 1.3 in 100 people in the UK suffer from OCD. 4.4 in 100 people suffer from PTSD. 2.0 in 100 people suffer from Bipolar Disorder. 20.6 in 100 people have had suicidal thoughts.

Now these are very upsetting and scary figures, but it is important to include them for you all to see. This is a more serious post, as it is World Mental Health Awareness Day, this blog post is listing 5 things you can do to look after your mental health. Make sure to share this post to everyone you know. Us at Link3 want to make sure that you are all looking after yourselves.


1.Talk about it, do not be silent.

This one is the most important. Do not feel afraid to book an appointment with your doctor. They are there to help you. Talking to a doctor will make you feel so much better, it isn’t a scary or humiliating process at all, as you might think. Do not feel afraid to talk to your family and friends, they are also there to help and support you. You are guaranteed to feel so much better if you talk about it. Do not bottle it up. Do not be silent.


2. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness stands for “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something” and this can positively change the way you feel about life and how you approach challenges. It is also easy, you can practice mindfulness every day. Next time you are walking to the shops, think about everything around you, what you see, what you hear, what you can smell. A great way to practice mindfulness is to do yoga. Another great way is to buy a book, there are lots of great books such as “The Little Book Of Mindfulness” and “The Mindfulness Colouring Book”.


3. Keep active

Physical activity causes chemical changes in our brain, which helps us to think a lot more positivity. Keeping active can help people with depression and anxiety, whilst also looking after your physical health too.  Adults ages 19 and over should do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week. This can be walking, cycling, dancing, running. This can also massively boost your confidence.


 4. Give to others

Small or large acts of kindness can give you a sense of purpose, making you feel happier. These acts can be smiling at people in the streets, volunteering for a charity, random acts of kindness and more! Helping others benefits your own mental health, it reduces isolation and loneliness and brings a sense of belonging. Whilst also making the world a happier place. Doing good does you good. 



You CAN take a day off work if you are not feeling up to it. Don’t think that just because you haven’t got a physical illness you cannot take a day off work. Our bodies need to take a break sometimes, as do our brains. You can cancel on your friends plans at the weekend if you are physically or mentally exhausted, that is totally fine too. Sometimes, we need to spend the weekend inside, practising self-care.


I hope you enjoyed these 5 tips! Make sure to share them and make sure to look after your mental health because it is so important! The links below are websites that helped me write this post. Statics are just an average in the UK and can easily change.