5 Ways You Can Support Black Lives Matter

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Today’s blog post is all about #BlackLivesMatter and how you can support this peaceful politically movement. We are aware that a lot of our audience are teachers and as we are a recruitment agency specialising in education, we want to make this blog post education related too. At Link3 Recruitment, we care and are passionate about equality, as we are sure all of you are too. We have been disgusted by the recent news including the murder of George Floyd and Belly Mujinga and all of the other black people that have been a victim of police brutality all over the world. It is so saddening to see and we want to help fight racism as much as we can. We want you to help too. This blog post includes 5 ways you can support the Black Lives Matter movement and the ongoing issues that are currently happening.




What is #BlackLivesMatter?

Here is the an explanation of #BlackLivesMatter taken from their website.

#BlackLivesMatter was founded in 2013 in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer. Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc is a global organisation in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. By combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centring Black joy, we are winning immediate improvements in our lives.

We affirm the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, undocumented folks, folks with records, women, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum. Our network centers those who have been marginalized within Black liberation movements.

We are working for a world where Black lives are no longer systematically targeted for demise. We affirm our humanity, our contributions to this society, and our resilience in the face of deadly oppression. The call for Black lives to matter is a rallying cry for ALL Black lives striving for liberation.


How you can help

1. Sign Petitions

Signing petitions are extremely helpful, a lot more helpful than you think. Signing petitions is a way to participate in the present and create the future, it adds legitimacy to a campaign. It also shows you care and are passionate about positive changes to the world. Sharing a petitions allows your friends and family to not only be raised awareness of what is happening but to support the issue too.  

Below is a link that contains a Twitter thread of important petitions to sign. It apparently takes only 14 minutes to sign all 44 petitions. 



2. Donate 

Please donate but only if you are able to. It doesn’t matter how much, anything helps. Below are a few links that direct you to information on where you can donate to.




If you are not in a position to donate or you would prefer not to but still want to help out, there are ways you can. There are many different Youtube videos that you can stream where 100% of ad revenue and monetisation goes towards organisations, such as protester bail funds, funeral funds and more. All you need to do is stream the videos without skipping ads. Below are links to these videos.




3. Educate yourself 

Educating yourself during times like this is very important. It is okay to only just be educating yourself on #BlackLivesMatter and to only just be opening your eyes a lot more to police brutality and the injustice that happens. Now is better than never. It is important to get rid of any misconceptions that you may have or may know about.  We are now going to talk about some of the misconceptions of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. 

Saying that BlackLivesMatter doesn’t mean that they are the only life that matters. It means that the focus is on Black lives as they’re the ones who are in mass danger. In order for All Lives to Matter, Black Lives need to matter. Being pro-black does not mean you are anti white. Whilst police brutality is a major issue in all countries, it is mostly those with brown skin that are targeted but those with white skin have been and still are victims of police brutality too. We all need to come together to fight police brutality. But of course, this does not mean that all police are guilty. There are many great police offers that do a great job. 

You can educate yourself by talking to black people, listening to black people, watching videos, being on social media, listening to podcasts and more. 


4. Read

Reading is a great way to educate yourself on any topic. There are plenty of books for adults you can read such as 
Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge, White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, 
So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo and more. There is also a brilliant fiction book called The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas that adults, young adults and some children can read. There are also plenty of childrens books that we suggest all teacher stock up their school bookcases with! Here are some of them:  Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History by Vashti Harrison,  A is for Activist by Innosanto Nagara and Sulwe by Lpita Nyong’o.

Here are more sources containing books that introduce children to race:





5. Use your voice on Social Media

As we are in the digital age, it is so easy and quick to share things on social media and it is also important that we do so. There are actively an estimated 2.95 billion people were using social media worldwide in 2019. Sharing content on the BlackLivesMatter movement and police brutality is important because it raises awareness to hundreds and possibly thousands of people who will see that post.


I hope you found this post helpful and I hope you are all ready to make a difference! 

For more information, visit here: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/

Thanks for reading!