5 Working From Home Tips

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Coronavirus is affecting us in a multiple ways, working from home can be hard for those who are not used to it, especially whilst stressing about what it happening around us. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, thousands of us are going to be working from home. This blog post is written by me, Sharnah, the Social Media Manager at Link3. I have had experience working from home before, it can be great if well managed but there are difficulties that come with it. I am going to be giving you some advice and tips, I hope you find this useful! 




1. Building a comfortable, neat and tidy workspace.

The first thing that I am going to suggest is that you do not work from your bed. Even though it is tempting and comfy, it is too comfy. You will feel tired, sleepy, unmotivated and after a while it will not be good for your back. It can be hard to find a quiet area in your house especially if your household are also working from home, so what I am going to suggest is that you build yourself a comfortable, neat and tidy workspace. This is easy, make sure you have a flat surface, space next to you for notebooks, phones, pens and most importantly a cup of tea. Keeping this workspace tidy is important because it equals to a tidy mind, which is better for concentration. 


2. Realistic work hours

Do not give yourself too many working hours and remember that if you were in the office, you wouldn’t be working 24/7, you would take little breaks by engaging in conversations, nipping out to get milk, having lunch and more. Make sure to still give yourself little breaks, especially if you are starting to lose concentration. The beauty of working from home is that you can be flexible with your working hours, you can start earlier or later depending on when you are the most productive. Every individual is productive at different times, if you do not already know when your high productivity periods are then you will soon. Be sure to spend time away from the computer whilst you are eating your lunch!


3.  Stay positive

You can easily feel like you haven’t done as much as usual when you are working from home, however it is totally normal to do less than what you would normally do. If working from home is new to you then do not expect yourself to get as much done as what you would normally as you are in a brand new environment. We will all feel distracted, worried and anxious because of Coronavirus so try to stay positive and do not be too hard on yourself.


4. Plan

Planning and writing a to-do list helps me a lot, it can be hard to keep track of what you have to do and it is easy to forget things. Starting off your day by writing down your tasks, priorities and deadlines is something that I recommend. After you complete each task, cross it off your list and you will feel productive and fulfilling. Buying a planner and a calender is a good idea too! Remember not to give yourself too many tasks. 


5. Wear whatever feels comfortable

A lot of people would suggest to dress as if you were in the office and to especially not wear pjs. However, my advice would to be to wear whatever you want and what you feel comfy in. I personally switch it up, sometimes I will work on my desk in my dressing gown for hours and sometimes I will get up and get dressed into something else (which is still pretty comfortable). If you find that dressing down kills your productivity then you can of course dress smarter and if you are handling video chats then you should be dressed appropriately. 


So there are 5 tips to help those who are working from home. There are many other tips and advice that I could give you but I think I will save that for another post! Please feel free to read more advice when it comes to working from home, I will link some articles below. I hope this post has helped. Remember to stay safe, social distance and always wash your hands.