7 Things that teachers think, but can’t say

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We haven’t written a blog post in a while, so we thought why not something funny and light-hearted to get back into the swing of things? However, we still want to write about all things relating to education so we have put together this relatable post that will hopefully make you smile. This blog post is especially for our teachers and teachers in general. Here are 7 Things That Teachers Think, But Can’t Say.

1. I can’t wait for the school holidays.

Yes, the pupils can’t wait for the school holidays, but teachers can’t wait too! Maybe even more. It is always a well a truly deserved break for them all.

2. This meeting should have been an email.

Most faculty meetings take about an hour but only contain 3-4 minutes of actual important information. It could have been 1 email which would have made everyone’s lives a lot easier.

3. I don’t like wearing a mask either.

I think everyone is fed up with wearing masks, whether it is the uncomfortable feeling, the spots you can get, struggling to breathe, overall wearing a mask can be an inconvenience. But some pupils will moan as if teachers are not wearing a mask too!

4. I stinks in here

I think every single teacher has thought this when they have walked into a classroom, but it is even worse when it is the pupils that smell. Maybe it is the rain? It is the lesson after PE, it was Burrito day at lunch….but it really does stink in here.

5. They do not pay me enough for this

All teachers have thought this, especially after a really bad day or even week. Teachers really do deserve to be paid more.

6. !#@!

All of us feel like muttering a swear word under our breath, sometimes we feel like shouting them and this is the exact same for teachers. Out of sheer stress or anger….the bad words nearly come out, nearly.

7. What the hell am I doing here?

Yep, as much as teachers love their jobs, sometimes they do regret their career choice. There is and will be a time where a teacher will stop and think…. “what am I doing?”.

There you have 7 things that teachers think but can’t say, how many of these can you relate to? And would you like a part 2?

Inspiration for this post is: https://www.boredteachers.com/humor/19-things-teachers-think-every-day-but-cant-say-out-loud