10 Things That Teachers Are Tired Of Hearing

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10 Things That Teachers Are Tired Of Hearing

This blog post is a lot less serious than some of our others. We hope it makes you laugh and smile. Let us know if you can relate to any of these! 

1. "Are you sure you want to teach kids?” – Let’s start off with this one seeing as it is one of the most annoying. Why do you want to work in a shop? Why do you want to work in an office?  It is not like I have spent many years of my life training to be a teacher. YES OF COURSE I AM SURE.

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2. “You are so lucky you get to finish work at 3 everyday”- You're right, teaching is not a nine to five job. School may finish at 3 but we don’t leave until hours afterwards and then at home I still have papers and homework’s to grade AND lessons to plan. We also don’t get paid overtime so yes I’m “done” by 3 but im not finished until seven or eight o’clock that night. (source)Image result for im always tired gif

3. “Can I sit next to my friend”- No. No you cannot sit next to your best friend so you can talk and gossip for the whole class and not do the work I spent hours planning.

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4. “But I wasn’t in class when we over that. I didn’t know!”- Well, what did you think would happen If you missed class? (source)

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5.“Is this going to be on the test?”- YES IT IS OBVIOUSLY GOING TO BE ON THE TEST, WHY ELSE WOULD I BE TEACHING IT.Image result for black girl with hand out gif


6.  "But why do I need to learn any of this if I'm never going to use it in my life?"- Because it is on the syllabus now shut up.Image result for shut up gif


7. ”What time does this class end?” Not yet. (source)

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8. "My belly hurts"- This one is for you Nursery Teachers. We need to act like we care when a child says this. We pretend that we aren't grossed out, but inside we are thinking "PLEASE DON'T BE SICK, PLEASE".

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9. "Can I go to the toilet?"- Break was 5 minutes ago but yes of course you can go to the toilet.Image result for just go  gif


10. "Why don't you show us a movie? It'll add some variety to the class."- Because I'm a teacher. If you wanted to watch Netflix, you could have stayed home. source

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We hope you all enjoyed reading this and that it made you laugh! We would like to write another post like this, we would love to hear the things you get fed up of hearing. Message them to us on Instagram @link3recruitment and we will feature you next time!