Are you thinking about becoming a teacher?

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Career opportunities are limitless, but it can be very difficult to decide which sector you would like to get into. We have all been in the position where we are left feeling overwhelmed and confused, struggling to decide which sector to get into, this could be as a teenager picking college/uni courses, young adults applying for their first job and grown adults wanting a complete career change. This blog post is for those who are unsure which job sector to get into and for those who are already thinking about possibly becoming a teacher. Here is 4 reasons why you should become a teacher.

Making a difference to people’s lives:

Teaching is a work of art. Becoming a teacher has a positive influence and impact on children and teenagers lives and that itself is so magical. You have the opportunity to profoundly impact multiple peoples lives through your teaching.

Learning yourself

Being a teacher means you are constantly stimulating your mind and brain; this could include learning new things to. An amazing thing is when a pupil teacher you something that changes your life. Being a teacher allows you to expand your mind and have continued education.

Teachers are always needed.

There is always a high demand for teachers and there will always be recruitment agencies focusing on education to help you get these teaching roles. Some teaching roles may have more of a shortage than others but overall, wherever there is a school, there needs to be a teacher.

Teaching credential

Depending on which teaching certificate you achieve, it could be possible for you to teach in a different country. There are also specific teaching courses such as TEFL (Teach English As a Foreign Language) course that gives you the opportunity to travel and teach English as a foreign language. Widening your opportunities all together.

Here you have 4 reasons why you should become a teacher. We hope this blog post has helped!