Education & Covid-19

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Schools have been shut for about 4 weeks now and Gavin William has stated that “there are currently no plans to have schools open over the summer period” and this is causing stress and anxiety for many. As a recruitment agency that focuses on education, we want to write more blogs based on education, schools and teaching for our audience in hope to ease their worry and anxiety. This first blog is going to be an informative post talking about the latest news regarding education in the UK. We are hoping it answers any questions that teachers and parents may currently have.


When will schools open again?

On the 20th March all UK schools were closed to all but vulnerable children and those of key workers. There has been lots of different people saying different things regarding when schools will open again. A Sunday Times report said that schools could reopen on 11th May, however Gavin Williams has suggested that five tests must be met before schools could reopen, including a fall in infections and the daily death rate. Michael Gove has stated that schools won’t re-open in May but there are plans in the works. It is hard to give an exact answer to the question of when will schools open again because no body knows that will happen next. The best thing to do is to try and calm your anxiety and use all of the recourses to help home school your children.


What schools are open?

Some schools are still open to support key workers and vulnerable children. Parents can have varying shift patterns and struggle to look after their children so sending them to a safe school is a massive help for them. An article by the BBC states that this has been hard as young children often want to play with their friends but the staff are doing everything to insure that social distancing guidelines are in place. These rules include, keeping children two metres apart on different tables when inside, spending far more time outside and apart during the good weather and creating small groups of children at opposite ends of the school in different classrooms.


How are disadvantaged families being helped?

Disadvantaged teenagers in England that do not already have access to a computer are able to borrow laptops or tablets to help them study.  There is no specified number of laptops available or a set budget, but it is up to schools or the local authorities to decide who needs help with access to a computer. There is also the offer of some 4G routers to help families connect to the Internet and laptop are also available to children with social worker. These promises reflect the worries that pupils from poorer families could be disproportionately loosing out during weeks out of school. It is important that everybody has the chance to further their education whilst schools are close. The Department for Education is also supporting free online lessons for secondary and primary school pupils. There are a wide variety of lessons and learning available online to help children and teenagers and to also take a lot of pressure off stressed or woking parents.

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