Link 3 links up!

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Link 3 links up!


Link3 Links up!

Welcome to the first edition of “Link3 Links up”. During this series we will be linking up with our ambassadors and premier partners for exclusive interviews and news that we are going to share with you. Recently, Link 3 Recruitment linked up with one of our Ambassadors Lee Canoville and Canoville Coaching.

So, a bit about Canoville Coaching. Canoville Coaching Ltd was established in January 2013 and are a football and mentoring company. Focusing a lot on young people, they coach children from the age of 4 as they believe that at such a young age, kids have the potential.  From Weekly Camps, Team Coaching, Individual Coaching to Birthday Parties, Canoville Coaching provides interesting and fun ways to improve young kids football skills. Lee is doing some amazing work across Nottinghamshire and has also been mentoring a number of students as well as coaching!

Now back to us, Lee has been our Ambassador for a while now and we invited him into the office for a chat. To find out more about Lee and Canoville Coaching and what advice he gives to young people today. Listen to the exclusive interview to find out all you need to know!