Max takes part in Nottingham CEO SleepOut

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Max takes part in Nottingham CEO SleepOut

Max from Link3 took part in the Nottingham CEO Sleepout last week. Continuing reading to find out more about his experience.


What is CEO Sleepout?

CEO Sleepout is a Charity created by Andy Preston. It is a national phenomenon, raising money to fight homelessness. Businesses and community leaders sleep outdoors for one night to raise awareness and sponsorships from people they know. CEO Sleepout then put that money to work towards fighting homelessness and poverty through UK cities. To date, CEO Sleepout events have raised an amazing £1.95 MILLION for charities and causes that work to tackle poverty and homelessness. 


Nottingham CEO Sleepout

“On Thursday 11th October 2018, business leaders from across Nottingham will give up their bed for one night and help those who don’t have one. You’ll be bedding down with CEOs and senior level executives, all braving the elements and sleeping outside to raise awareness and funds, each participant pledging to raise over £1000 to fight homelessness and poverty in Nottingham. In 2017, Nottingham’s big- hearted business community raised a whopping £81,000! Let’s work together to raise even more in 2018” - 

The Nottingham CEO Sleepout once again took place at the Notts County Football Ground, the oldest football club int eh world. Meadow Lane is also in the community of Nottingham,  a well known and local area.The Friary and Emmanuel House are sponsors for the CEO Sleepout in Nottingham this year. 


Max’s Experience

On Thursday 11th October, at 8pm Max made his way down to the Notts County Football Ground to take part in the Sleepout. This is what he said about the experience:

“Before the event, I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought what have I got myself in for, however, we were very fortunate with the weather on the day. At 3am I was woken up by a cold wind and at 5am by the rain, so I cannot imagine what is must be like throughout the winter and when we have bad weather. It was a very humbling experience and really made me appreciate what I have and how lucky I am. I would urge everyone to get involved with the CEO Sleepout as it makes a huge difference and is for a fantastic cause”.


How to help

To get involved in the next CEO Sleepout in your area, head over to the website to find out more! 


Make sure to stay tuned for the amount of money Nottingham CEO Sleepout raised this year!