Meet the Team - Joe McLaughlin

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Meet the Team - Joe McLaughlin


The team just keeps on growing! We just can't help ourselves! Today we are introducing you to our newest Recruitment Consultant Joe. Carry on reading to find out a little bit more about our newest team member/



1.       Position (At Link3)?

Recruitment consultant.


2.       Who do you support (sporting team)?

Nottingham forest.


3.       Any pre-work rituals?

A morning coffee and walking the dog.


4.       Favourite Celebrity?

Will Smith.


5.       Favourite film?

Bad boys.


6.       Favourite song/musician/band etc?

J Cole.


7.       Favourite food?

Chinese food.


8.       Favourite holiday destination?



9.       Dream car?

Since young I’ve always wanted an Audi R8.


10.   Interests/hobbies outside of recruitment?

Playing football, going to the gym.


11.   Three people you would like to be stuck in a lift with?

Barack Obama, Harry Redknapp, Jorja Smith.


12.   First thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

My dream car and a house.


13.   Know any good jokes?

Why were the teacher’s eyes crossed? Because she couldn’t control her pupils.


Thanks for reading!

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