Midday Supervisor

Midday supervisors are responsible for the safety of schoolchildren during lunchtime breaks. They are sometimes called lunch time supervisors, lunchtime controllers or lunchtime assistants. Their duties include supervising pupils in the dining hall, playground and other school premises, and making sure they do not leave the school or go into areas that are out of bounds.

Although specific responsibilities vary between schools, tasks are likely to include:

  • Supervising pupils at mealtimes – encouraging children to eat healthily, helping infants to open packaging or cut up food, and providing some social and educational training, such as good table manners.
  • Cleaning up spillages, and possibly helping catering staff to clean tables and clear the dining area.
  • Overseeing children in the playground or during wet play, and monitoring the safety and suitability of activities.
  • Supervising children using toilet facilities – issuing passes to older children and accompanying infants, checking they wash and dry their hands.
  • Caring for the personal cleanliness of children.
  • Maintaining order, cautioning children who misbehave and reporting unresolved problems to the duty teacher or head teacher.
  • Making sure children who are ill or injured receive appropriate medical attention, and reporting any serious accidents.

Midday supervisors are typically employed to supervise the same class or year group. If they are responsible for a child that suffers from hay fever, or is allergic to a food item or insect sting, they need to know the appropriate treatment to give.

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