National Reading Day With Link3 Recruitment

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For National Reading Day we thought we would write a blog post on the benefits of reading, not only for adults but for children too. For some people, reading is something that does not appeal to them and there has been a decline in reading, and we think the reason is because they do not know the benefits. So, here are some of the amazing benefits of reading!



Reading can quite easily boost and develop your imagination, as reading stimulates pretend play. You are reading descriptive words and imagining images in your head. If you really immerse yourself in a book, your imagination can take you there or anywhere. Improving your imagination will also help you creatively. This is brilliant for children especially as their brains are still developing and learning each day.



Immersing yourself in a book after a long day at work can be very relaxing, especially if you are in a warm bath, or under a duvet with your pjs on. Reading doesn’t only relax you, but it also reduces your stress levels. If you are concentrating on reading a good book you are not thinking about what you are currently stress about. Statistics also suggest that reading is the best way to relax and just 6 minutes of it can be enough stress levels by more than two thirds. Reading can also slow down your heart rate and ease tension in the muscles.  Overall reading is very beneficial for your mental health, which is why it is so important to encourage younger people to read too.



Reading can simply expand your knowledge, depending on the type of book you are reading. Our Social Media Manager Sharnah likes reading Japanese Novels as they expand her knowledge on different countries and cultures whilst our Recruitment Consultant Joe likes reading books set during the War to expand his knowledge around that area. There are plenty of Autobiography’s that you can read that can expand your knowledge on a specific person. Reading will also improve your vocabulary, which is brilliant for young children or teenagers especially. Implementing reading time at school for children is so important and should be massively encouraged. Another benefit that reading has for children especially is that it improves their concentration.

There are many more benefits of reading, these are just some. We hope that reading this post has encouraged you to head to your nearest Waterstones and pick up a book!


Here are our favourite books and why we like them!

Joe: Bird Song by Sebastian Faulks

“Because it gives a complex insight into the horrors of war and gives a fantastic description of a war time setting, allowing our imagination to run free”.


Charlie: One Year On an Autobiography by Alex Ferguson

“I liked it because he is the greatest ever football manager and he was known for his qualities on the field and off. It was great to find out more about him too”


Gina: Just One Look by Harlan Coben

I enjoy the style of writing; I find it always draws me in and I enjoy the imagination of it. As it is a Crime Drama it lets you escape the real world and notice the little things….just in case”


Ryan: Rich Dad Poor Dad by  Robert Kiyosaki 

“It really gave me a good comprehension of finical literacy, which I was able to then use those tools in real life”


Sharnah: A Tale For The Time Being – Ruth Ozeki

“It is a very heartwarming and sweet story with lots of advice throughout. It also gives you an insight into Japanese culture regarding teenagers and adults.”


Max: The Way of the Fight an Autobiography by George St-Pierre

“Throughout my ACL surgery I could relate a lot because he had also had the same surgery”


Thank you for reading!