Teaming up with August Moon Tea

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Teaming up with August Moon Tea

 We would like to introduce our new premier partners, August Moon Tea. Here is a blog post explaining how and why we have teamed up with August Moon Tea, and all the information you need to know about them!


Their Story

August Moon Tea provides you with the opportunity to experience a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. Estelle wants you all to experience the art of tea and is extremely passionate about what she does, you will not be disappointed. Below is a small paragraph from their website  Explaining their story: 

“August Moon Tea provides you with the opportunity to experience an ancient ritual practice, traditional Chinese tea ceremony. It creates a unique moment where you put your entire attention on the cup of tea you are holding; observing life, time and impermanence all in the same, peaceful moment. This ancient Chinese practice helps you to connect with your inner self, as well as the people around you. When you take a sip of the tea, the beautiful aroma washes over your body and soul. The whole world calms down, and so do you”.



What They Offer

August Moon offer a range of excellent tea, from red, white, black and green. Who knew there were so many different flavours of tea? Fun Fact that we learnt from Estelle, the older the tea, the nicer it tastes! The range of tea comes along with a range of exclusive, handmade and hand printed tea wares. Ranging from bamboo, clay, china or glass. Porcelain Tea Cups, Handmade Spotted Bamboo Tea Picker, Green Ceramic Tea Cup and a Bamboo Scoop with Chinese Knot are some of my favourites from their website, however, there is so much more to choose from.

If tea isn’t for you, don’t worry because August Moon also offer a range of products imported from China for you to try. A beautiful range of jewellery made of crystals, jadeite, silver and more which would be the perfect little treat for yourself or a loved one.

August Moon Tea offer a range of Tea Ceremonies such as Mediation and Tea ceremony (1 hour), Tea, Music, Poetry Night (2 hours) and Private Tea Ceremony and more. So, there is something for everyone!


Our Experience

We headed into the City Centre for some afternoon relaxation and tea. We found August Moon hidden away in the middle of the City Centre.  Everything about this place was beautiful, the furniture, the ordainments, the tea. As you can see from the pictures, it is very traditional. We were served White Tea, this was the first time trying White Tea for all of us and we were all pleasantly surprised. We lost count of how many cups of tea we had! The ceremony went from quiet relaxation whilst drinking tea to having small chats and exchanging information about ourselves. Overall, it was a lovely experience.


Teaming Up

We loved our experience so much we wanted August Moon as one of our Premier Partners, they loved this idea. With our Link3 Loyalty Card, you can now get 12% off August Moon!


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