Things To Look Forward To – School Edition

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We are going to be starting a new series on our blog called “Things To Look Forward To” and to start us off, we are going to focus on schools. Schools and education are making changes to eventually go back to normal, but normal is still a way away. Some children are going back to school but for many months ahead things will be different. This blog post is going to talk about the things that teachers, parents and school pupils can look forward to in the future, whether that be in a few months time or next year. Let’s stay positive by thinking of the positives!


School Trips

School trips are part of all school’s education curriculum and not only are they massively enjoyed by pupils but they are also very beneficial to a their learning. School trips provide opportunities for kinaesthetic learning i.e. ‘learning by doing’ and encourage students to engage with people, places and buildings in new ways. They also improves critical thinking skills, expands a students world view, introduces experimental learning, introduces and teaches about new cultures and more. A lot of museums, parks, castles and potential school trip options will still be closed or have limited access to. Therefore, when everything goes back to normal, school trips is something to look forward to again!


Using Public Transport

As schools are starting to open again, it is advised to walk or cycle to school as this is a healthier and safer option. If you do not live within walking/cycling distance to your school or cycling is not an option, driving is also a possibility. However, 66% of UK residents own their own car. This leaves a large amount of families relying on public transport to take their children to school which is not a option guaranteed to keep you safe. If you use public transport, you are urged to travel at off-peak times, if you can. This is problematic for those travelling to schools, most of which have similar operating hours. However, it is possible that “some schools will make changes to their start and finish times or introduce processes for drop-off and collection times to keep children and families safe”. This same guidance states that schools, trusts and councils should also “work together and with relevant transport providers to put in place arrangements which fit the local circumstances”.


When the 2m Rule Drops

When the 2m rules drops this means that pupils can get closer to their classmates and therefore play together a lot easier and better! When it is safe for this to happen, I belive it will make a big difference! Children will be a lot happier being able to play with their friends and they will be able to engage in a lot more activities. Playtime and breaktime will overall become a lot more fun for all ages, Sitting closer to them in class will also give them a lot more comfort, this is something that can affect school performance for the better too!



Whilst the 2m rule is in place, school assemblies will be different. Pupils will not be able to sit right next to each other, assemblies in general might be reduced for a while. At Link3, we love to send our Ambassadors such as Derrick Osaze, Siobhan Prior and Joe Worall into schools to give inspiring and motivational talks. This is something we will be doing again as soon as schools allow guest speakers again and as soon as it is safe to. 


Thank you for reading and see you next time for another “Things To look Forward To!”.