CPD Workshops

We know how difficult it can be to find and attend high- quality training events whilst managing your day to day commitments. Link3 continue to deliver relevant training events aimed at up-skilling our candidates to help improve the school workforce, see below for our up and coming events.

Below will give you an outline of what CPD workshops and training courses are coming up over the coming months.  Link3 are currently working with a specialist group of Education consultants who help us to deliver a variety of training days and events for our Teachers, Teaching assistants, Administrators and Exam Invigilators. Our training days allow you to build your confidence, access exclusive teaching resources and help to expand your knowledge/ skill set.

School Admin/ SIMS New User Training Course
Duration: 1 day short course
Dates: Fri 1st & 8th February 2021
Venue: Nottingham e-Learning Centre, Top Valley, Nottingham

Course content includes:

  • Finding your way around SIMS
  • Looking up pupil information
  • Making day to day adjustments of pupil details
  • Entering Traveller Status, Nationality etc.
  • Managing Historical Records
  • Adding agents and linking them to agencies
  • Responding to information received about pupils and contacts
  • Dealing with Leavers
  • Dealing with new arrivals
  • How to record exclusions
  • Sending a letter home
  • Running basic reports in SIMS

Cover Supervisor/Unqualified Teacher Course 
Duration: 1 day short course
Dates: Weds 14th April, 2021
Venue: Nottingham Nursery Training Centre, Radford Nottingham

Course content includes:

  • Understand the role of a Cover Supervisor/Unqualified Teacher
  • Understand the Cover Supervisor/Unqualified Teacher responsibilities
  • Understand the cover policy
  • Work effectively with other teachers and TAs
  • Understand the basics of classroom management and behaviours

CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health
Duration: 135 Hours
Dates: Available from 1st January 2021
Venue: Virtual learning

Course content includes:

  • Children and young people’s mental health in context
  • Mental health problems commonly associated with children and young people
  • The impact of mental ill-health on children and young people
  • Support available to maintain mental wellbeing in children and young people.